"Born in San Jose , California, Josh’s family made a route through Colorado to make base in Orlando where he was first introduced to the graffiti world. He ended up spending weeks of isolation painting murals.

Curious by definition, this self taught break-dancer/muralist/boombox collector and strict vegan, picked up a camera at the age of 19 wishing to document the breakdancing culture brewing at home. Shortly after, he moved to Miami transforming all his passions and discipline to dedicate himself to shooting models as well as creating a vibrant atmosphere in his studio in Little Havana, a home base for young photographers from different places to come together to create a much needed venue to reshape the taste of this town that, until now, seems to have been stuck in the ‘Miami Vice’ times.

Josh currently lives in Miami and shoots for both agencies and clients,  combining his practice of Mixed Martial Arts while constantly trying new concepts."

Bio by my friends at @thesyndical

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